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Q:What is Mass Flow Controller?

A:Mass Flow Controller is a precise device that used to control gas flow for a various production process.

Q:Does Warwick Flow product can meet my requirement?

A:Warwick flow product is an universal standard product that has superior reliability and performance in gas flow control. Warwick product is suitable for wide range of applications, including Semiconductor, Solar, FPD, Data storage, Vaccum and Coating. Advanced sensor and valve technology, field-proven platform components, and high-speed, digital circuitry deliver the high precise gas flow control available.

Q:Could I use different communication mode to control Warwick MFC.

A:Of course, Warwick Flow product have mutiple communication options, including Analog 0-5V, RS485, DeviceNet and Profibus.

Q:How about the flow range of Warwick MFC?

A:Gas flow range of Standard Product is from5 sccm to 200 slm (nitrogen equivalent). Please contact our sales office for any request.

Q:Could I change gas type and Full flow range?

A:Yes, We can change gas type and full flow range based on customer's requirement,pls contact our service center where locate near your position and submit a RMA. Warwick could provide a excellent service to customer for any reasonable requisition.